Risk Taking

In life, we must take risks to move forward. “Dive into the depths of darkness in an elevator and fall to my death?” you might think, cynically. No, I mean we must take calculated risks and where possible we should engage in strategies to manage and mitigate these risks. Sometimes, of course, despite doing the calculations, we are taken by surprise and a catastrophe results – we then investigate, do post-mortems and hope the world will learn and do better next time.

If bold risks were never taken, we would not be enjoying fabulous air travel today. Yet, sometimes the risks taken end in catastrophic air crashes; some of these, we think, would have been avoided with better care and planning. There is a fine balance. This subject is very topical today, with corporate success and corporate failures, both bigger in scale than ever before, seen everywhere. This is my first post in this new blogging category I have created and I hope to add to this discussion in the future.

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