“eYamakan” i-Phone and i-Pad app for Navigation

Google MapsTrying to easily navigate to “The Symphony Stage” in the Botanical Gardens for a concert? Or a favourite area on a mountain trek? There are no street addresses for such places, so “Get Directions” on Google Maps becomes a little tricky. To the rescue is “eYamakan“, an enhancement which allows the user to drop a pin on the map location, following which eYamakan will assign a unique ID to the location. The unique ID can be saved, recalled and shared with friends, whenever required, for hassle-free navigation to that spot. eYamakan has a voice feature too.

i-Phone and i-Pad apps are aplenty these days. So, why is eYamakan special? The idea was mooted by two classmates at INSEAD, from countries far apart – the United Arab Emirates and Italy, in an idea generation session in class – and now it has come alive – so is an inspiration to the rest of us to put our entrepreneurial minds to work! Ruffled by difficulties in navigating through places with unstructured address systems or with foreign sign posts, our two classmates came up with a blueprint for this helpful (free) app.

The name eYamakan is inspired by the Arabic word “yamakan”. It is a word used as part of the opening of many classic stories, beginning with “once upon a time” or “once upon some place”, hence is associated here, in eYamakan, with the identification of a place.

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  • Marise  On August 21, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Best of luck
    And as u mentioned let this b an inspiration to all those who have new ideas to put the efforts needed to make it work…
    I downloaded the app it is user friendly

    • tinker3333  On September 9, 2012 at 12:35 pm

      Thank you, Marise, for the good wishes and feedback. Happy navigating!

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