Psychopaths: Beware, They Really Do Look Normal

It wasn’t my intention in this blog to talk about crime, but everything is interlinked somehow, and I hope it will be helpful.

In one of my previous posts, The Garden City Butcher, I remarked about how stunned I was that the criminal seemed so normal, polite, and friendly. Yesterday, I watched another documentary on the “Crime Investigation” channel, about the high profile case in Malaysia of the murder of Canny Ong, a young lady (with a black belt in taekwando). Canny Ong was abducted from the car park of a (relatively upmarket) shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur. Again here, the criminal looked like a perfectly normal, innocent, simple guy. Apologies if it is a known fact that this is indeed the case in general, but I had not been aware of this before. I expect there are many others out there who, like me, somehow imagined that criminals have a suspicious look and demeanour about them and can be avoided with some common sense. It really is not that simple. More general reading on the subject can be found in the article “The Psychopath: The Mask of Sanity“.

I didn’t find the hour-long documentary on the internet but found a preview of that TV dcoumentary, called “The Murder of Canny Ong premiers on CI“. The criminal can be seen from about 1’30” to 1’40” in this preview video. The documentary has been created to raise public awareness and I hope it does.

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