Raspberry Headaches

Raspberry HeadachesI met up with a friend for dinner today and we picked a dessert from the menu, strangely named “White Chocolate Mousse with a Raspberry Headache”. Being one for culinary adventure, I half expected to get a surprise when it arrived. The dessert in fact turned out to look pretty normal – 4 pieces of frozen white chocolate mousse, 4 raspberries and 2 types of sauce at the side. It seemed like an interesting, very creative name for what it was.

Still curious when I got home, I googled “raspberry headache” and was surprised to discover an article from almost exactly a century ago, August 11, 1912, indeed about raspberry (and other summer fruit) headaches. Ha!

Well, well, we learn something new everyday! Thankfully, neither of us is allergic to raspberries or other summer fruit, as far as we know. I’ll have to say I just enjoyed the outing and the 100-year old piece of wisdom.

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