Coffee Art

art on coffeetwo cappucinos

Some of my recent orders for cappucinos or flat whites have arrived with delightful art on the coffee – sometimes created before my very eyes. The images here are of just a couple of orders that were served to me and my company on different occasions.

Looking this up, I found many lovely images for coffee art, otherwise known as “latte art”. Very impressive! That site is well worth a visit.

What a pity these images disappear within minutes as the coffee is stirred and sipped or gulped down! Cinammon or other powder would immediately spoil too. With a handy iPhone, I have tried to capture these images in their fleeting moments.

I enjoy my coffee, art or no art. I am no good at art myself but appreciate it and admire the talent of those who produce these lovely, fun images that bring smiles. One thing is for sure – “Have Talent, Will Create”!

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