London – Kensington Gardens

On the last day of my holidays in London we met up with an old friend for afternoon tea at Queensway – tea and scones with Devonshire cream. This is one of the guilty pleasures I had to indulge in when on holiday in England. We had a good two hours of chatting and laughing about old times and about what had happened since.

(Dinner that night was to be with some other friends at one of the nice restaurants in Canary Wharf by the Thames.)

With all these great treats lined up on our last day in London, and with the weather still being marvellous, it seemed like a good idea to do a lot of walking in the morning and early afternoon. This time we headed to Kensington Gardens, as it was just by Queensway. This is where there is a memorial playgound and fountain in honour of Princess Diana and where the young royals William, Kate and Harry reside in a private area on the grounds.

Kensington Gardens 1

Kensington Gardens 2

Kensington Gardens 3

Kensington Gardens 4

Kensington Gardens 5

Kensington Gardens 6

Kensington Gardens 7

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