Book Review: Barack, Inc. – by Barry Libert and Rick Faulk

Barack, Inc. – by Barry Libert and Rick Faulk

Everyone gets something different out of a book. The opinions here are mine only.

This book is about the “Winning Business Lessons of the Obama Campaign”. It may seem at this point in time, four years after President Obama was elected, that many are disillusioned by the state of the economy (although some would argue he inherited a terrible economy and has done a reasonably good job on it). Four years ago though, the campaign that won him this term in office, was regarded as a resounding business success and offered valuable lessons to be learnt.

The authors are the director and CEO respectively of Mzinga, a leading provider of social software solutions that help corporations create online communities – hence there is a deep appreciation in particular, for the phenomenal success of Obama’s use of social networking that contributed to this campaign’s success.

The crux of the lessons in the book can be distilled to the following key themes:

  1. Staying cool
  2. Unleashing social technologies
  3. Embracing and embodying change

These were particular strengths of this campaign compared with other political campaigns in the past and hence the leadership lessons here are fresh and unique. There are many anecdotes of what happened throughout to illustrate the campaign’s strengths in these areas and the tactics and principles that were utilised. The book is well structured with a bullet list of lessons at the end of each section, and is an easy read, with just 146 pages.

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