Away from the Madding Crowds

A swimming pool all to myself….

Free to choose almost any seat at a restaurant….

A one-third filled flight to Abu Dhabi, with 4 seats to myself….

No queue at the snack shop….

Empty seats in the underground train….

A smooth-sailing 5-hour road trip with little traffic….

Whizzing through ‘immigration’ and baggage collection at the airport….

Ahhh…these are a few simple pleasures one can enjoy when one’s immediate circle of family or friends are not in 9-5 office routines or in school with fixed term times.  Lunch at 11am or 2.30pm or a trip somewhere when most people are at work or at school are what I try to do when I have such opportunities.

Perhaps things will change in many years time – when formal organisations decrease in importance, as predicted by Charles Handy in his book The Age of Unreason, or when home schooling or other alternatives to formal school as we know it today gain in popularity. And why not? With the internet, so many new possibilities open up. When these changes start to happen, perhaps crowds will trickle more steadily throughout the days and years instead of the “all-or-nothing” crowds in cities we experience during peak hours and off-peak hours. Until then I shall look for opportunities to stay away from the madding crowds!

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