Drifting Away….in Boracay

DriftingHave you ever been snorkelling and gotten so deeply engrossed in the beautiful marine life that when you lifted your head up again, you had drifted far out into the sea? Horror of horrors! That happened to me at Boracay island in the Philipppines a couple of years ago. I suddenly remembered the experience because I am reading a book now in which the author described a similar experience!

I friend and I had booked a snorkelling trip, so a boat took us out to sea and dropped us off at a nice spot to snorkel. We started off staying near the boat and each other, then decided to go our ways to look for exciting underwater views. Gradually, we drifted far from the boat and far from each other. When I decided to lift my head up quite a while later, the boats I could see were quite a distance away, so I got a little worried and swam frantically towards them. When I got nearer, the trouble was, I could not recognize our boat! I headed to the wrong one and was told that wasn’t mine. I panicked for a while, but fortunately, the person who had brought us out on the boat recognized me and waved vigorously. Phew! I was thankful. From then on I lifted my head every once in while to check that I wasn’t veering too far away.

Boracay is an immensely picturesque island. The sand is very white and soft, the sea has tones of green, lighter blue and darker blue. It is absolutely beautiful. Just search for images on the internet and you will see how stunning it is. Is it a great place for snorkelling, though? Not in my view. I have seen much nicer corals and marine life in other seas. At one point, we also felt bitten by something, probably small jellyfish – this wasn’t serious enough to be harmful but was just a little unpleasant. I also happened to not fit my snorkel properly initially and gulped down quite a bit of seawater at the beginning. That was silly of me –  it’s just that I hadn’t been snorkelling for a few years and lost the hang of it for a while. My advice? Make sure you do not gulp down any seawater! Unfortunately, this made me sick a while later, so I suspected that the sea might be quite polluted.

Fortunately, I recovered soon and managed to enjoy a fabulous seafood meal on the shore later. This was absolutely wonderful! The ambience is just great for sitting on the shore and enjoying the beauty of Boracay.

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