Stung by a Jellyfish!

This happened to me almost 4 years ago, leaving a bright red ring around my arm (that has finally disappeared now) and another bright red ring (with an “L”-shaped end) around my ankle, which still remains today, though it has faded considerably. It was quite an experience, so I thought I would tell the story here.

It happened in Bintan, Indonesia. After walking along the beach for some time, a friend and I finally got tempted to wade into the sea and sit on a rock, enjoying the breeze. (It was an office retreat with just a bit of free time in the evening, not a proper holiday, so no swimming had been planned.) Yes, there were signs we had seen earlier, warning that there may be jellyfish, but I had completely forgotten about those signs – the sea was so tempting just then!

We got to the rock and chatted for about an hour and a half or so, then realised the sun had set, and we needed to get back in. We partly waded and partly swam back towards the shore.

As I was wading, suddenly, I felt something brutally rip past my arm with a scathing effect and an electric sensation – a bit like barbed wire with some electricity running through it. At that moment I just assumed I had brushed against something harsh (like barbed wire) that had been left in the sea (by humans). I stuck my head into the water, but could not see what the offending item was. Then, it happened again, this time around my ankle! What a mess the sea must be, I thought.

When I went indoors, though, it hit me. The pain was excruciating (burning, stinging and piercing all at once) there was a swelling on my arm and another on my ankle. I know this was serious and the thought that it might have been caused by a jellyfish then struck me. This was confirmed at the hotel reception, where they advised applying vinegar and helpfully provided me some. This certainly helped keep the pain under control. I was assured by the hotel staff that the jellyfish in the sea in Bintan are not poisonous, so I need not worry about poisons in my bloodstream or anything terrible like that. Was I thankful for that!

The swelling subsided in a day or two, but those bright red rings served as a reminder to me of the incident for a long time to come indeed! The sea is always inviting but there are hidden dangers lurking in it!

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