Tolerance of Lifestyle – We Love It!

Selective tolerance?

In one of the first organisations I worked in, there was an official set of organisational “values” that we were all educated on. As you would imagine, most of these centred around client service and quality. Some values related to how we worked in the office.

When a survey was done some point after these values were introduced, it turned out, the most popular value (by far) was “Tolerance of Lifestyle”. There was a pretty uninanimous vote on that one…..surprise, surprise! It meant (broadly) that all cultures, workstyles, lifestyles, etc. were welcomed and embraced, so long as a quality, timely output was delivered. Everybody just loved this! This seems somehow quite telling of human nature.

A quote I found recently on tolerance reads as follows: “Tolerance does not mean that we agree or ignore each other. It means we make space for other peoples’ (different/wrong/interesting/odd) opinions.

I believe if this value is embraced more widely, many people would practise this and enjoy it. After all, it gives one an invigorating feeling to be allowed to be free and to not feel compelled or obliged to conform. As well, when there is a spirit of tolerance, there is mutual respect, which makes for a much healthier environment in which to take things forward.

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