Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (1)(ii)

1. Alan Quinn’s Quest (ii)

Phew! Alan plonked himself on the sofa. The cool, fresh oxygen had profusely infused all the haemoglobin within him. A full night’s sleep would be just perfect now to get the right-brain activity going for another day. He thought through the next day’s meetings he’d called with his bright team leaders, Nancy, Tanaka and Ollie. After a hot shower, he fell into bed, exhausted. The ‘Antigua Helmet’ on the side table caught his eye – he put it on just to get one last feel of it before falling asleep.

Before he knew it, Alan was fast asleep without having remembered to remove the prized Helmet from his head. Felix cocked his head up and sideways, looking surprised, but decided not to awaken his master. He admired the helmet for a while; it was more like a crown, with beads of sensors adorning the protruding top, all around. Then he too fell asleep.

“Whoaaaa!!” Alan shouted after about fifteen minutes. He gingerly took off the Antigua Helmet and placed it carefully on the table again. Then he grabbed his iPad and scribbled down a few things, stunned by what he had experienced. Felix stretched and yawned – it was not uncommon for his master to have epiphanies at unexpected times and leave whatever he was doing to note it all down.

Done! Alan was really exhausted now. Both Alan and Felix slept soundly for about four hours until Felix suddenly had a strange sensation and barked sharply, waking Alan. Alan jumped out shrinking the ‘cubipit’, bringing it into the room and expanding it again, all with a remote control device. Then he and Felix entered the ‘cubipit’ with the ‘Antigua Helmet’ and Alan wore the Helmet. Tuning in, he understood what Felix was sensing. This magical ‘cubipit-Antigua Helmet’ combination was working so well now that he just wanted to prove it on an impending tsunami. He now had the intelligence to detect whatever the animals could sense, as well as a tonne more.

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