Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (2)(ii)

2. Sequillious (ii)

What about this fellow, Alan Quinn? Why the hell was he trying to get in touch anyway? He was clearly an Asperger’s guy – what other kind of human could have meticulously collected and put together all this mundane, mind boggling data into the ingenious cubipit and Antigua Helmet in seven years? The other guy, Don Valentini was the scheming money-making megalomaniac. It was he who was behind this. Alan was the one with the talent who got lured and this was one unique way he could use his talents and not be criticized for not fitting into society.

Sequilious was fuming again as she thought through this surreptitious plot. Why can’t they deal with the gargantuan problems on Earth instead – trillion dollar debts, messed up global warming, fast depletion of natural resources, obesity…? They were really doomed, yet were investing on more greedy plots. They had pretty much destroyed their planet – now what, another planet?

Sequillous sat there imagining annihilating Earth. It brought a smile – that would take all the problems away. But no, her project ‘Rectify’ had a mission to preserve the good and do something about all those bad genetic mutations. Ambitious, yes, her boss Cancer was, but Sequillious got it. It made sense – it was just incredibly complicated to figure out the strategy.

She tuned in to CNN, watching the Presidential Debate. Blah, Blah, Blah. Ladies caked up with cosmetics…if earthlings had Ladingans’ sensory perceptions, they would realize they look much uglier caked up…such a waste of the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry. Men in suits and ties, so others would respect the suit and tie if not the person… Huffffffff! She puffed out into Hugo again. Yabber, yabber…. !

Losing patience with the debate, Sequillious tuned out and thought about a juicy vitamin drink. The brain waves registered with her robot, Jara, who promptly served it.

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