Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (3)(ii)


3. Business as Usual (ii)

Actually, never mind the devotion to finding and talking to aliens, the Dream Team’s work had many possible applications on Earth, as it stood. Alan was keenly aware though, of course, he was working for Don, and Don’s obsession was to find this life elsewhere. To think how much they could have done with all this knowledge on understanding how animals think and behave, what drives different behaviour like psychopathic thinking and how to address this and so on – it was mind-boggling.

Nevertheless, as those thoughts went through Alan’s head every now and again, he remained absolutely loyal to Don. Alan was a rules based, principled guy and this devotion to Don’s mission was hard wired now.

“Morning! How’s the Dream Team doing today?” Alan chirped. There were excited exchanges as they all chattered engaging in some fun for a while. Nancy and Tanaka had gone to a friend’s party the night before; Ollie broke his own record in a triathlon over the weekend and Alan spoke about his beautiful long walk over the hills. They shared a few photos.

“I have something to share with you”, Alan announced, moving the conversation into serious matters. “Felix and I had an interesting experience last night and in the early morning”, he said drawing out the iPad with all the recordings. The three dropped their chatter immediately and looked intently at Alan; Felix perked his ears up too waiting to relive the experience as told by his master.

Alan related the vision of something like ether, permeating and Felix being disturbed in the night. In the early morning, it came again and Alan had entered the cubipit with Antigua Helmet in time to catch a glimpse of an aura. Ollie jumped right on it. “Aura images are all recorded. I’ll just need to extract sensor Zee-3722 and process them. I’ll do that and put up the media, then we can all view it again – hopefully that’ll give us more clues about who’s trying to contact us about what”, he declared. The discussion continued…

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