Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (4)(i)

4. The Encounter (i)

Ollie had just installed an updated program into the cubit and Antigua Helmet, based on the latest discussions. He lost no time, that one. Ollie was young, energetic and enthusiastic – he was almost in a futuristic dream world – he would think of scenarios before they materialised and integrate all the reality that was unfolding into this dynamic vision.

Alan twitched in the cubipit as his Antigua Helmet buzzed strangely in his ear.

“Alpha 2735: reduce it to 2735.7”, a sign flashed.

Alan did this as if instructed by a ghost. “Who is this?”, he demanded.

As if he then was struck by lightning, Alan almost fell over – he saw an image of a being, vaguely like a woman in the distance, flashing the signs in perfect English to communicate.

“I thought you appeared in the form of ether – we sensed you the other day. What is going on now?”, Alan gasped.

“My name is Sequillious. I manifest in different forms – ubiquitous ether, a lady in the distance, an octopus clasping an object, etc. You must be familiar with the concept. There are religions on Earth that have deities in different forms depicted in statues – because it is believed God manifests in different forms”, the sign flashed.

“Are you saying you are God?”, Alan exclaimed in utter disbelief.

“No, certainly not, but I dare say we are much closer than you might ever imagine. We are light years ahead of Earthlings in intelligence”, she retorted.

“Is there a community of you? Do you all understand English? Where is your community? Tell me about yourselves”, Alan couldn’t contain himself. The questions were coming faster than he could say them.

There was a pause, as if Sequillious was thinking “Why do you think I should have to feed you with so much information – don’t you think you ought to explain a few things yourself??”. Not that she said this – it’s just what went through Alan’s mind just then.

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