Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (5)(ii)

5. What Now? (ii)

“Right! There is no choice”, Alan decided. “We have to all discuss the strategy together.” Alan summoned Ollie to put recordings of the conversations with Sequillious together and proceeded to arrange a meeting with Don and the Dream Team. He was at a dead end himself.

When Ollie ran the audio and video recordings, to Alan’s astonishment, they were blank. Completely blank! Was there something wrong with the sensors? Ollie checked them again. He traced the history. The sensors seemed to have been disabled from the time Sequillious manifested as a lady in the distance to the time she disappeared in a flash.

Don stared at Alan disbelievingly. “Are you having hallucinations, old chap?” “You say a lady spoke to you, telling you the extraterrestrial community is so intelligent that you seem like a cockroach to them?” “Ha! Ha! Ha!” “Ooooooh!” “Ha! Ha! Ha”, Don guffawed uncontrollably, as if he had just stumbled upon the funniest story he had heard in his life. “Uhhhh”, he continued, finishing it off, aching from the stitches of such hard laughing.

“Wait”, Alan asserted indignantly. “The sensors had been disabled and enabled again, according to Ollie’s investigation. Obviously, Sequillious did that because she didn’t want her actions to be studied here for our use to make more progress towards discovering the Ladingans”, he said, piecing the puzzle together. “The Ladingans really do not want anything to do with Earthlings. They are unimpressed with how we operate on Earth. They want to keep us as far from them as possible. Our progress with the cubipit and Antigua Helmet would be something of a potential threat to them. They have assigned Sequillious to ensure we do not progress further.

“Why are they unimpressed”, Don questioned. “Well, Sequillious said something about Earth being dirty and polluted and Earthlings being irresponsible and greedy”, Alan continued. “She thinks we will spoil Ladinga if we get anywhere close or have any dealings with the Ladingans”, he said.

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