Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (6)(i)

6. The Scare (i)

Felix barked sharply. Alan twitched. It was the same bark as in the early morning hours a few days ago when Sequillious had appeared as an ethereal being. “What does this mean”, Alan thought, still in the presence of his Dream Team and Don. He had doubts about Sequillious and Don and their clash of values – Alan was sure Sequillious did not like where Project “Chocolate” was heading and she could easily start doing something to hinder it if she chose.

Don suddenly looked ill – white and drained of healthy red blood circulation. Don tried to articulate his thoughts again. “We are going to capture the aliens and….”. Before he could finish, he crouched in pain as if something was attacking him. “Don, are you alright?”, Alan shouted. “Shall we get an ambulance?” “Wait, am I really being mean?”, Don said in pain, as if something of a guilt conscience had suddenly sprung up in him.

Nancy wasted no time and headed straight for the phone, calling an ambulance. She feared that Don was having a heart attack. She had witnessed the same with her uncle a few years ago – a heart attack happening under her very eyes – and the memories were still vivid. She was wasting no time here. It’s the sort of thing that comes without warning and changes one’s life forever. That’s exactly what happened with her uncle. She thought the symptoms looked eerily similar. Her uncle had been in his early fifties when it happened. Don was in his mid-forties and led the life of a megalomaniac – drinking excessively, smoking and living with the high stress of seeing big money come and go. It would not surprise her at all if he was experiencing a sudden massive heart attack.

“Perhaps I should rethink my priorities”, Don said weakly. It was as if someone was holding a knife to his throat. Alan could not believe what he was hearing. Don had never seemed so weak or compassionate as long as he had known him.

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