Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (6)(ii)

6. The Scare (ii)

Don seemed to have gone into a deep sleep. At least that is what Alan hoped it was. He did seem to have a pulse. Strangely, he seemed to be mumbling, like someone who was having a bad dream or a nightmare.

“Ambulance is on its way”, Nancy announced, coming back to the team. “Actually”, Tanaka intervened, “it doesn’t quite seem like a heart attack now. It could have been a seizure of some sort. Now, Don seems to be having hallucinations or bad dreams or something.” “Would it be alright for me to do a few brain scans?”, Tanaka asked keenly. He didn’t think he had witnessed anything like this before.

“Well the ambulance will be here in about 10 minutes, so I guess you could if you’re interested”, Alan said, bewildered but leaning towards Tanaka’s guesses as to what was happening to Don.

Don’s face had turned bright red by now. He was clearly experiencing something most peculiar. He seemed to be breathing heavily, as if in fear or anxiety or guilt. Nobody knew quite what to make of it.

Felix continued to look rather uneasy. He barked occasionally, then hid in the corner, as if afraid to do anything else. “Perhaps I should get my cubipit and Antigua Helmet to figure out what’s happening to Felix”, Alan said, half thinking it wasn’t worth trying to do this before the ambulance arrived, but half thinking he couldn’t miss this opportunity for more evidence gathering.

The team got to work, Ollie assisting Tanaka with the brain scans and Nancy assisting Alan with hurriedly putting the cubipit and Antigua Helmet into action.

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