Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (7)(i)

7. Virtual Rendezvous in Ladinga (i)

Interrupted from his task of understanding Felix’s reaction, Alan was stunned to encounter a hazy image of Sequillious again.

This time, she appeared as a robot, but was unmistakeable in her demeanour – reproachful as before, flashing signs with words, just as before.

Adjusting the frequency to  2735.7 as indicated on the sign and as he had done before, the fuzzy image sharpened. Sequillious decided to make her voice heard; this time it was a metallic, monotone voice, just as one expects from a robot.

“I am going to show you a movie”, she said.

“Did you have anything to do with what happened to Don a little while ago?”, Alan questioned.

“Figure it out. All the vices on Earth will be in check”, she chimed unrelentingly.  Alan’s question was answered here. Sequillious was behind it; she was definitely onto something. What did she want us to do?

“What about this movie you have mentioned?”, Alan asked, feeling overpowered as he did before.

“Bring your cubipit and Antigua Helmet to Artic Hill, five kilometres south from here right now and I will give you an experience of life in Ladinga”, Sequillious commanded in monotone speech.

Wasting no time, Alan operated the cubipit to take off towards Artic Hill, with only Felix with him. He had flown around on the cubipit many times; the mechanics of it had been perfected. Alan reached Artic Hill in a jiffy and was all ears.

“Exit with only the Antigua Helmet and your 3D glasses from the cubipit”, Sequillious commanded as if with a voice booming from the Heavens. Alan followed the instruction exactly as commanded.

“What I am going to show you is an experience of life in Ladinga”, Sequillious continued. You will not be allowed anywhere near Ladinga, but I would like you to observe the experience virtually. Then you will see the vast difference between Earth and Ladinga. I have prepared this specially for you so pay close attention”, Sequillious ordered.

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