Hello, there! Welcome to my blog.

I am Tinker3333, or Tinker, for short.

Why such a strange name, you ask? Well, I came up with the tagline for my blog,

“Tinkering with Thoughts and Ideas”

as this is really what it is – a place to to put my thoughts down and perhaps experiment with ideas. [I could not use my real name as a username as it was already taken up; after trying a few names, Tinker3333 was a successful username.]

I then thought, well, well, writers do use pen names, so why not bloggers too? From my perspective, it keeps the associations separate. I have worked as a Finance and Risk professional for many years, and it may be less confusing (for now anyway) to keep my real name associated with my profession of many years and the pen name, Tinker associated with my writing and blogging. I started blogging in August 2012, so let’s see how this naming convention works!

My Interests

I read Physics during my younger days, then became a Finance and Risk professional and more recently completed a business degree. Risk Management, Business Analysis and Investment are areas that interest me. I have been a member of Toastmasters International since December, 2007 and am interested in leadership and public speaking. I am an avid reader and devour books at an alarming rate! I also enjoy writing, hence my decision to dedicate more time to this hobby now.

My other great passion is travel. I love my travels and have traveled extensively in Asia, the Australian continent, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and spent a couple of years in South Africa.

My Blogging

I shall blog mostly about these areas of interest of mine but occasionally about other topics, such as psychology. In the end everything is related and sometimes it helps to learn about other disciplines. I have been blogging approximately once a day apart from when I was on holiday in London. I shall follow this pattern of blogging once a day and taking a break when I am away.

I invite you to follow my blog and I look forward to your comments and to exchanging thoughts and ideas with you.


  • Bookfinda  On October 25, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Hi! Thanks a lot for visiting Boofinda! We glad you LIKE our post – so, it led us to your interesting blog. Looking forward to networking!

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