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TMM: Sometimes, you need to *stop* writing.

I was delighted to stumble upon this post. I stopped blogging for a few months and wondered if anyone else thought breaks are essential. I don’t feel as guilty now!

This is an absolutely amazing set of videos about savants and the human brain.

Understanding and Embracing Diversity

Savants (the knowing ones) are people with neurological conditions like Autism Spectrum Conditions, who also possess incredible intellectual abilities. The videos below are about Savants with impressive memories. Watch and be amazed:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


More on Autism:

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What does Autism mean?

Communication difficulties in Autism

Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper: Asperger’s Syndrome’s Poster Boy?

Guide to parents of students with ASD on coping with the first day back to school

Inspiring People with Autism:

Dr. Temple Grandin

Jessica-Jane Applegate (British Paralympian)

Satoshi Tajiri (Pokemon creator)

Carly Fleischmann

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Inspiring person with Autism: Temple Grandin

Reblogging an absolutely amazing story I came across – about an autistic woman (a professor and animal scientist) who can relate extraordinarily to animals….

Understanding and Embracing Diversity

Dr. Temple Grandin is a person with High-Functioning Autism noted professor and animal scientist, famously known for her invention of the squeeze machine, which helps SOME individuals with Autism to calm down. She also invented cattle -processing facilities that cause the least amount of harm to animals (if any).

Here’s one of many documentaries about Dr. Grandin entitled ‘The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow’:

For more information on Dr. Temple Grandin, click on the links below:

Temple Grandin’s profile on TED

Dr. Temple Grandin’s official website


More on Autism:

Vote for Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman

What does Autism mean?

What is PDD-NOS?

Communication difficulties in Autism

Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper: Asperger’s Syndrome’s Poster Boy?

Still unsure if Sheldon has Asperger’s?

The Autistic Me: A BBC Documentary

BBC4’s Growing Children: Autism

Study Shows People with Autism Can Spot Inappropriate Behaviour but ffind it difficult to Verbally Explain Them

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New Front Page

I haven’t put out a post today. I thought I would set up a home page. (Previously readers were taken straight to my posts.)

I don’t know now, if the Home Page is helpful or annoying! Do let me know, readers…what do you think?

By the way, I am glad many readers liked my “jellyfish” story yesterday. It has been one of the most liked yet.

I look forward to your comments and feedback.

Book Review: Timbuktu – by Paul Auster

Timbuktu - Paul AusterTimbuktu – by Paul Auster

This is the second Paul Auster book I have now read. There is a certain intrigue about these books that draws one to them…the unusual storyline, the stretching of the mind to look at things from a different perspective and the sometimes bizarre plot. I must say, this plot in Timbuktu was quite straightforward, unlike the plot in “Travels in the Scriptorium“, which left me feeling quite baffled.

“Timbuktu” is a refreshing sort of story, which looks at the world through the eyes of a doggy and takes the reader through a delightful journey of joys, sorrows, reminiscences and thoughts. It is simple, yet has a richness of adventure resembling a travel to another world. This is where Paul Auster shows brilliance, juxtaposing doggy simplicity with an out-of-this-world experience for the human reader. It’s another short book by the author, just about 180 pages long and it gave me the feeling throughout like I was on a trip somewhere! Very nice…

Notable Quotes

Pondring on quotesIn the age of social media, in which popular thinking permeates oh, so effectively and dominates, I was given a timely nudge into reality when I stumbled upon these two quotes in the book I am currently reading:

The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them knows anything about the subject.” – Marcus Aurelius


Truth is not determined by a majority vote.” – Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI

The book, incidentally is “Tougher Boards for Tougher Times” by William A. Dimma

Food for thought….

Holidays in London

Holidays in London

It’s holiday time for me!

I shall be in London for a some time, and shall take a break from blogging during this time.

I like the autumn – the temperature is pleasant and the weather is usually not as crazy as it is in the spring or summer. The crowds from the Olympics should have gone and school would be starting this month. Time for fun…

Story Tennis

TennisSomeone recently introduced me and a few others to the concept of “Story Tennis”.

We are a foursome. The first player writes 200-500 words of a story, hits it over to the next player to continue, then it’s his or her turn and so on. We have no idea what’s coming next in the story as that depends on the imagination of three other people in sequence, but have to read carefully to ensure continuity. Amusing at times, to uncover the unexpected twists and turns in the story, it has kept us each in suspense. We get the pleasure of reading, writing and interacting with each other all in one game.

Thinking about unexpected twists and turns, I am suddenly reminded of the most shocking plot I ever read in a detective novel. This has got to be “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” by Agatha Christe, which I read decades ago. We are ameteurs, writing for fun and I would not in my wildest dreams make any comparison to one of the great writers of all time. With four people thinking very differently, though, we could be in for quite a few strange surprises. It’s a nice experiment. I wait in anticipation for my third round of writing!

Blogging – An Experiment


Blogging, for me, started three and a half weeks ago, with a steep learning curve and not having a clue what it was about. I have seen many blogs since, with different styles – some for business and very professional, some for serious hobby enthusiasts, many for leisure (travel, books, humour) and some for sharing of personal thoughts and experiences.

For now, my blog is still an experiment. I have many interests (books, business, risk, science, travel) and have been penning my thoughts and experiences in the different categores.

The best part of the experience so far has been the journey to other blogs, in fact, some amazing blogs! Writers, book-lovers, philosophers, psychologists and business people have visited my blog, liked my posts, commented or decided to follow me; then I have discovered their fabulous blogs, with a wealth of good writing, tips and knowledge.

I feel I have discovered friends with common interests in this process and am privileged to be growing through visiting all these blogs. Thank you, bloggers!