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Airbus A380 – Window Seat, Anyone?

I never realised it before, but the wings on the A380 are so broad, that I think in most window seats in economy class, the view is blocked by the wing. In the smaller aircraft, one with a passion for looking out and enjoying the exhilaration of take-off, landing and the sights just after or before would only need to remember to avoid the few rows in the centre. With the A380 it would seem to be the reverse – all but a few rows in economy class need to be avoided if one wants a view of the world outside.

Does anyone care? Perhaps not. Many people on a flight happily work, read, sleep or enjoy the inflight entertainment. For me though (and some aviation enthusiasts, I am sure) the aeroplane is still one of the greatest inventions ever (even if that’s taken so for granted nowadays) – nothing┬ábeats those fabulous views!