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London – Around Westminster

My September holidays in London were perfect for leisurely walks. We were blessed with glorious weather all the time, but for a couple of brief showers. The touristy images (like Buckingham Palace itself) were blocked by people queueing for photo opportunities but we managed some shots of other memorable images during our walks around Westminster.

London - Around Westminster1

Horse Guards

Around Westminster2

Gardens at Buckingham Palace

Around Westminster3

Sign at Buckingham Palace

Around Westminster4

Near Buckingham Palace

Around Westminster5

The London Eye – from Westminster

Around Westminster6

Downing Street and Whitehall

Around Westminster7

Big Ben

Views from the London Eye

Hello bloggers and friends, I’m back!

Mid-September in London was very sunny and pleasantly cool – what a blessing! There were only a couple of quick showers all week. According to many, this was the best of the summer weather, after all the rainy Olympic weather.

The pictures below are not of great quality – they are just taken from my iPhone camera. Apologies! They capture the sunny September weather, though, during this fabulous week.

Views from the London EyeViews from the London EyeViews from the London EyeViews from the London EyeViews from teh London Eye