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Amsterdam – Canals, Boat-houses and Bikes

A good way to capture the unique sights around Amsterdam is to take a boat cruise along the many canals. I expected to see many bridges, boats and bikes – but what I found most interesting were the boat-houses along the two sides in the river. People actually lived there, and seemed to be having cozy house plants, family dinners or get-togethers and audio-equipment in them! Here are a few photos from the boat cruise:

IMG_1052  IMG_1054 IMG_1055 IMG_1056 IMG_1057 IMG_1058 IMG_1059 IMG_1060 IMG_1061 IMG_1062 IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1066 IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1069  IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1073 IMG_1074 IMG_1077  IMG_1080 IMG_1081