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Sci-fi: Conversations with an Extraterrestrial – (2)(i)

2. Sequillious (i)

Sequillious grimaced at the thought of her next assignment from her community hideout in Mars, Ladinga. She hated Earth and all the nonsense that was going on there. In the five years that she had studied Earth, she grew an intense dislike for earthlings. She understood them far better than they themselves did, now. Of course, she would; the Ladingans’ IQ levels were easily double that of those earthlings. Now this Alan Quinn fellow was making considerable progress but she was going to keep him at bay. Damn! They had done enough damage on that beautiful planet Earth – forget about letting them anywhere near Ladinga or detecting any presence of life here.  That would be a grave mistake.

She lay there thinking, trying to fathom all the earthlings were up to. Psychopaths (or at least people having those psychopathic tendencies or other psychiatric abnormalities) seemed to be the new ‘kings’ on Earth. Their remorseless greed was rewarded. So, they used creative or cunning schemes to get the bucks rolling in and show their prowess. Those with no power had well, no power, even if they had more sense or morals. All that doping in sports, sex scandals leaders got involved in and all that white-collar crime made Sequillious cringe.

Sigh! There was also what the economy was coming too. It wasn’t all about producing useful stuff like healthy food, science education and medical technology. It was now so much about advertising and spin-doctoring to deceive, then sucking money from those who could be lured.  Never mind the billion or two people suffering or dying from poverty and disease every day – everyone was fixated on ego-boosting “cool” stuff that made statements about how important they were.  Hufffffffffff! She puffed vigorously three times into Hugo, the Toxic Recycler to attempt to cleanse herself from the toxic Earth thoughts.

Psychopaths: Beware, They Really Do Look Normal

It wasn’t my intention in this blog to talk about crime, but everything is interlinked somehow, and I hope it will be helpful.

In one of my previous posts, The Garden City Butcher, I remarked about how stunned I was that the criminal seemed so normal, polite, and friendly. Yesterday, I watched another documentary on the “Crime Investigation” channel, about the high profile case in Malaysia of the murder of Canny Ong, a young lady (with a black belt in taekwando). Canny Ong was abducted from the car park of a (relatively upmarket) shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur. Again here, the criminal looked like a perfectly normal, innocent, simple guy. Apologies if it is a known fact that this is indeed the case in general, but I had not been aware of this before. I expect there are many others out there who, like me, somehow imagined that criminals have a suspicious look and demeanour about them and can be avoided with some common sense. It really is not that simple. More general reading on the subject can be found in the article “The Psychopath: The Mask of Sanity“.

I didn’t find the hour-long documentary on the internet but found a preview of that TV dcoumentary, called “The Murder of Canny Ong premiers on CI“. The criminal can be seen from about 1’30” to 1’40” in this preview video. The documentary has been created to raise public awareness and I hope it does.

Is Society Promoting Psycopaths?

I watched a fascinating clip on Tonic TV yesterday on the studies of brains of people with psychopathic tendencies. Apparently, the tendency is found in people with a deficiency in the amygdala (the part of the brain playing a key part in processing emotions) – a deficiency that causes these people to have no qualms about being immoral or unethical and hurting others in the process.  I couldn’t locate the clip on the website but found some other fascinating articles on the subject, one in Expats Post. I recommend reading this.

To sum it up, the psycopaths who end up in prison are at the extreme end of the spectrum but many other psycopaths walk among us. Their characteristcs? They con, swindle, manipulate, control and cause emotional and psychological damage to others and wait – here’s the surprising element – their personalities are often charming, witty, confident, outgoing and disarming. This, only to use others to their advantage, then discard them later. The “Expats Post” article goes on to say that society often rewards such people with a “win at all costs, get the job done” attitude e.g. in corporations, politics, Big Banks etc.

I am impressed with the progress in brain science. Perhaps some day brain scans will be added to the repertoire of tools to more accurately profile and fit people for roles, reducing the dependence on psychometric profiling, assessment by other people (possibly psychopaths themselves) and popular votes.